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PLPI Post (Jul-19)

The latest PLPI post is now out, dated July 2019.

The MHRA have received a high number of submissions this year and it’s still increasing.

Unfortunately, the quality of the submissions is not up to standard as more and more variations are requiring RFIs. The MHRA have noted that TaD variations are not being submitted properly either.

Also, renewals are not being dealt with appropriately by PI companies. Variation requests are not being submitted until the last moment and when problems and issues occur with these submissions, the risk of licence cancellation is very high and very real.

It can be so crucial to get your submissions correct first time to be ahead of the game and to ensure that stock isn’t being held up for too long, so please contact us if you need help.

Errors cause delay, and ultimately could result in your licence being cancelled.

Licences must be kept up to date and compliant as patient safety is paramount.

If you need any further information or help with keeping up to date with the latest requirements, please give us a call or email:


+44(0)1233 770 630 (Office)

+44(0)7894 712 912 (Lorna)

+44(0)7403 756 965 (Tom)





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